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5 Signs of Your Fitness Progress

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Anastasia Didyk

Of course, it is motivating to see your body change throughout your health and fitness journey, you lose weight or build muscle, but this is not the only sign of your progress. Don’t worry if you’re not seeing any physical changes yet, it takes time. There are many other ways to assess your progress. You ARE making progress even if you don’t see it in the mirror or on the scales. Remember, regular exercises are very good for your body and your mind. Here are 5 signs you’re making great progress.

Sign 1: You feel more energetic

Regular physical activity delivers blood supply and oxygen to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. As fitness levels improve, you may notice that activities of daily life such as carrying shopping or walking to work all become much more comfortable and require less energy expenditure. Many studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between physical activity and mental health. One day you may notice that you’re happier and less stressed.

Sign 2: You sleep better

Signs you are getting a good night’s rest include sleeping more while you are in bed, falling asleep in 30 minutes or less and waking up no more than once per night. Exercising reduces the level of stress and helps to boost the mood which in turn promotes better sleep at night. Studies suggest that people suffering from insomnia can also benefit from exercising regularly. For better sleep at night, the best time to work out is in the morning. Results from 2020 study confirmed exercise can be used as a preventative measure for sleep apnea.

Sign 3: You feel stronger

You will feel healthier and be able to do daily tasks with ease. Moreover, you will look forward to workout daily. You are more likely to perform better and you are more likely to increase the number of repetitions. If you’re doing any type of resistance workout, it’s likely they include compound movements like push-ups, lunges or plyometric exercises which are a great way to improve functional strength and make it easier to perform everyday activities like lifting, running and climbing. Or maybe you will notice you can chase after your kids and not be so tired or carry a full laundry basket upstairs without having to stop at the top to catch your breath.

Sign 4: You enjoy healthier food

2020 studies concluded that exercises help to regulate the appetite. The review also found that you are more likely to make better food choices when you are physically active. This might be because you’ve learnt how the right foods can positively impact your training or simply because you know that when you’re feeling good on the inside, your workout performance will improve too. So next time you catch yourself reaching for an apple when you’re looking for an afternoon snack, take a moment to appreciate your progress and remember, a slice of cake or pizza can be part of a healthy, happy life too! The secret to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is everything in moderation.

Sign 5: You look forward to workout

When you skip a workout, do you miss it? Or maybe you don’t feel good? That’s because our bodies were made to move! Getting into a good workout rhythm can help you become the best version of yourself, inside and out — and you’ve probably already discovered this! Regular exercise can even improve your social life! Working out means joining thousands of other like-minded people in your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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